Total US SMP imports up 13% in April 2018 Month/Month Phone:  412-707-9100 email: US steel mill product (SMP) imports were at 3.76mt in April ‘18, up 422kt or 13% M/M, from March ‘18 levels (Graphs 1&2).  The largest subcategory growth was in the P&T subcategory which increased by 170kt or 24% M/M.  Within the P&T subcategory in April ’18, the product which experienced […]

US Imports of Propane Cylinders from China, Taiwan, and Thailand

The USITC has recently opened investigations regarding suspected unfair practices by foreign suppliers of propane cylinders from China, Taiwan (here included in “Developed Asia”), and Thailand (here included in “Other Asia”).  A more complete description of these investigations can be found by and referencing investigations 701-TA-607, 731-TA-1417, -1418, and -1419 The intent of this […]

Western US Steel Imports – Feb’18

Imports of steel mill products to the Western US in February were up slightly M/M, increasing by 10KT or about 3% to 337KT. “Developed Asia” represented the largest M/M increase in steel mill product imports to the Western US in February at 40KT while in the same period imports from the “BRI”* and NAFTA regions […]